The thermocouples and resistance thermometers detectors are manufactured with the most advanced technology, based on mineral insulation design with magnesium oxide that is jointly extruded with a metallic sheath. The sheath is normally made of stainless steel, or of some other special alloy. This design allows that the sensor element offers a performance that widely overcomes those offered by the classic temperature elements.


In this group of primary temperature measurement elements we include:


  • Thermocouples
  • RTDs PT100
  • Surface measurement Set (Skin-Point)
  • Protective sheaths
  • Multiple set of temperature measurement (multi-points)
  • Room temperature measurement Set
  • bimetallic Thermometers


These new designs show additional advantages such as a long service life, higher response speed, better stability in the measurement and superior insulation values, thus offering high accuracy and reliability. This technology allows us to offer from sensor elements with diameters as small as one millimeter to the surface temperature measurement elements constructed in superior diameters and with alloys suitable for the process atmosphere.


Our range of sensor manufacturing is complemented by its corresponding protective sheaths and with our electrically approved heads under ATEX standards suitable for terminal housing or temperature transmitters. Our means of production offer the possibility of supplying protective sheaths in any execution and material that the process requires with lengths of up to 1500 mm without soldering.


Our long experience allows us to make available to our customers those multi-element designs that their process requires, monitoring all the temperature measurement points required for each application. These multiple elements, in their possible alternative constructions, are widely used in reactors enabling an adequate temperature control in the same.


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